Quick Reference for Battery Power

Various batteries offer various  solutions?
Ensure your equipment is not overloading your UPS!
Be sure to use the correct size batteries for best results!

How much backup power do you need?

Trying to figure out how much power you actually need?
Our handy, Quick Power Reference, usage guide will give you an estimate on your power consumption and battery size

Appliance power usage varies for different makes
and models –
Here are some examples of average rating values:
  • Household Light Bulb – Energy Saver with 11 Watt Uses 11 watt
  • Household Light Bulb – Incandescent with 60 Watt Uses 60 watt
  • Ink jet printer approx 120 Watts
  • Computer with 17″/19″ screen approx 200 Watts
  • Single Server Uses approx 180 watts
  • Laser jet printer Uses approx 250 Watts
  • PABX (5×10) Uses approx 150-200 Watts
  • Television, Satellite dish, Decoder, DVD Total approx 300 Watts
  • Garage Door Motor 300 Watts or Gate Motor 300 Watts

Quick Power Reference!

The higher the Battery (AH) rating is –
the more back up time is available.

Example 1
UPS 600VA with 1x 12V 100AH = 150 MINUTES backup time at a full load of 340Watts OR 300 MIN at 170Watts

Example 2
UPS 1200VA with 2x 12V 7AH = 10 MINUTES at a full load of 600Watts OR 20 MIN at 300 Watts

Example 3
UPS 2000VA ­­­with 2x 12V 9AH = 10 MINUTES at a full load of 1200Watts OR 20 MIN at 600Watts

For Larger UPS Range, 5000VA to 250KVA sizes and back up times – Contact The UPS Team

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SEE: our BATTERY CALCULATOR for easy battery sizing

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