Surge Protection

Insulate your electronic equipment against high power damage!
Surge Protection will save you money!

Protect Your PC and IT equipment!

A surge protector is a safety device that protects your sensitive electronic equipment against power surges, lightning surges, spikes, sags, etc…
Cutting out most high voltage ripples in your supplied power will give you a relatively safe, clean smooth power supply.

Surge protectors and Surge Plugs have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years.

Most UPS have built-in surge protectors which shield your sensitive equipment from power surges but will have better protection when connected with its own surge protection plug.
This inexpensive surge protector plug will act as your first barrier against any surge.
The components inside the device wear out a little more with each surge and it is virtually impossible to know how much protection still remains. Most cheap plugs will still let power pass through after the protection is gone.
Best Practice.
If your business or home is subject to frequent power outages or surges it is suggestable to change your surge protection plugs every two to three years or after a major lightning surge or after multiple rapid outages!
The prices of a high-level surge protector can be as much as 12 times the price of the average low-cost surge protector this becomes an impractical option for the average person.
Best Practice
Choose a surge protector with an auto isolator feature that will prevent power flow when component protection is worn out or with an indicator light notifying you that it is no longer protected against surges.
This will ensure equipment is not left unprotected.

Best Practice

Higher the joule rating indicated the better.

Remember to check:

– When plugging your surge protector in check that the status lights do not report any problems. If a problem exists ask an electrician’s advise on the buildings earthing.
– Never plug a surge protector to an outlet that is not earthed.
– If the ground or earth lead is by-passed this will render protection ineffective.
– Always ensure, three-pronged plugs are used with, the earth connected to the thickest prong.
– Sixty per cent of components in the surge protector are providing an electrical resistance via earth connection.

The protection afforded by a surge protector is measured in Joules.

One Joule is the measurement of energy.
Defined as one Watt per second.
The joule rating tells you how much energy can be absorbed before it fails – Unable to see the amount of energy absorbed the joule rating is just an estimate of how long it will last –
4,000 joules will last longer than 2,000 joules

For high-level surge protection see AVR.
These surge protectors can almost last indefinitely!