Standard Terms and Conditions


UPS / Inverter / AVR Warranty:

1 years – Unless stated otherwise on the invoice.

Battery Warranty:

5-year design life 6 months manufacturer’s warranty on full battery failure only.
10-year design life 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on full battery failure only.
Reduced runtime is not applicable due to load shedding conditions.


All goods are sold by the placement of orders to Kressey Business Consultants (KBC) t/a Power Back-UPS.
On placement of an order, the purchaser hereby adheres to, and acknowledges all the Conditions Of Sale, as a binding agreement with KBC.
All goods remain the property of KBC, t/a Power Back-UPS until full payment is received.

Strictly Cash or EFT transfer on the issue of our Pro-Former Invoice
The full amount is to be paid into the Standard Bank account as specified on Invoice before any delivery or collection can be made.

Collections and Delivery:
N.B. Collections or deliveries are confirmed after proof of payment has been received. Dispatch of large orders is 1-3 weeks subject to manufactured availability of stock.

Cancellation of order:
Orders are firm and binding not subject to cancellation.
Where a cancellation of an order is accepted by Kressey Business Consultants the customer will be liable for payment of 30% of the total order value to offset our sales, administration and handling costs.

Conditions of purchase:
All pricing and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
All pricing is based on the ROE and will fluctuate accordingly.
Pricing on back-ordered items are not firm and may change according to changes in shipping or importing costs which are beyond our control.
Warranty is initiated on the date of invoice with a serial number attached.
Warranty Periods are as mentioned unless stated otherwise on the invoice product description.
We undertake to repair or replace at any agreed and confirmed KBC power workshop, at our own discretion, during office hours, the product supplied for the full warranty period. This excludes travel, transport to and from the site or any electrical work required. If required, this will be charged for ahead of time and full payment will be required.
Warranty excludes insurable perils i.e. water, fire, lightning, surge damage etc. Please add invoiced equipment to your insurance.
Products must always be kept in operation with a maximum inactive/disconnected state of 30 days before use.
Products must be kept indoors, away from moisture and within 0-40 degrees Celsius.
Any products that have been tampered with are not covered under warranty.
Any products that have been overloaded will not be covered under warranty.
Any products that have been used out of their specification conditions will not be covered under warranty.
Any incorrect UPS configuration that results in damage of equipment voids warranty of damaged goods.
Warranty is held in South Africa only.
All batteries are always to be kept upright.
The warranty will be void if the serial number label is missing, damaged or tampered with.
Full credit will be issued if returns take place within 7 days of the invoice date, provided goods are in resalable condition, including all Manuals, Software and Packaging.
If the return of goods takes place after 7 days from the date of invoice (maximum 30 days), then the credit passed will be the lesser amount of 70% of the current selling price, or 70% of the original purchase price, whichever is lower, provided the goods are in resalable condition, including Manuals, Software and Packaging. The acceptance of such return is at our discretion.
No credit will be issued if the return is 30 days after the invoice date.
A 30% handling charge will be issued for goods not being returned with their “original” Packaging, Software or Manuals. The acceptance of such return is at our discretion.
Backordered items that have come into stock will be cancelled 14 days after completion.
Software and retail packaged peripherals will NOT be credited if opened!

Our policy is that, if still under guarantee, we will repair your inverter within 5-10 days. If it can not be repaired we will swap out the unit for you.
This will also obviously depend on whether the fault was caused by the
end-user damaging the unit.
The guarantee does not cover unit being damaged by lightning or power surges causing a component failure or user error.
eg. If it was the fault of the user, (battery connected wrong way round, input and output connected etc.), then the warranty would be void. the same for lightning strikes or power spikes.
(The user is hereby encouraged to purchase proper lightning and surge protection device for all electronic and I.C. equipment, preferable one that offers a guarantee.)
All other faults will be repaired at our workshop or the unit will be replaced.
Please note that you have to make sure that the faulty unit is delivered to us.

Should you require any additional information regarding our products or services please contact us.
By Management

Please note, if you are unsure about any of our terms and conditions please contact us.