Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV)

Are you ready for off-grid power?

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If you’re considering independent power the installation of Solar Panels will supply a free source of renewable energy.

What size Solar PV System do you need?

Calculate Your Energy Needs –

First: establish your monthly power consumption.
How much electricity you use each month.

  • Add your Electricity Bills together for the past year and divide by 12 for your average monthly consumption.
    (Average usage is important as more electricity is used in winter for electrical heaters)
  • Determine your Daily kWh usage by dividing your monthly figure by 30.

Second: establish your Isolation Data.

Isolation data is the average number of hours per day the sun produces peak sunlight in your area.
(Shorter sunlight days in winter)

  • How much electricity (kWh) is needed from your solar system per day? Daily kWh divide # Isolation hours = # kWh
    (# kWh = Actual size of your PV system)
  • E.g. 12 KWh Daily Usage divided by 4 Isolation Hours = 3kW system.
  • Due to standard Solar PV energy loss increase size by 30%
  • In this example 3kW x 1.3 = 3.9 kW. system required.

Third: establish how many Solar Panel you need.

  • Solar System output size 3.9 kW divided by Solar Panel efficiency = Total number of Solar Panels needed for your system.

Last: Is to conclude installation position – Roof or Ground mount?

Establish how much space you have available to mount your system?
(Check actual size of Solar Panels to see where best fitted.)

All installation and electrical works must be performed by expert teams for guarantees to be honoured.

Solar Panel Installation in clear weather
Ground Mounted Solar Panels
Garage Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Use any open space to generate your power!

Solar Panels Floating on Water in Reservoir
Factory using Solar Energy from roof-mounted panels