What is a Pure sine wave


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A Pure sine wave and a Simulated sine wave

A Pure sine wave – generated by the local area power station.

This can be seen in the above diagram as a smooth clean sine wave.

Though some areas pick up a lot of external interferance in turn suppling unclean power.

Simulated sine wave

A Simulated sine wave, is a generated osolating wave – generated electronically.

The simulated sine wave is also known as a Square Wave.

In some cases simulted sine wave can be smoother than the pure sine wave supplied by the AC power.

A Pure sine wave versus a Simulated sine wave

Most electronic equipment these days are designed to function with a smooth sine wave.

Eg. Pulsating timers that set the PC pulse so as to speak

When an artaficial sign wave is used some equipment do not respond as expected and need an exact sine wave for optimised functioning.