Small to Large UPS – 600 VA to 12 kVA

Powerbackups for the continued operation of your IT equipment, WiFi, Computers, etc… during power outages.

Ideal for Home Schooling, your Home Office and
all other Secular Office equipment.
Be sure to choose the correct UPS size –
see Battery Calculator

A Small to Large Inverter UPS range
from 600VA to 12kVA

Home, SME and Small Business
These inverter type UPS have a reliable track record of providing backup power to domestic and small businesses for the past 18 years in SA,
Home and SME
(Small to Medium-sized Enterprises)
UPS Range – 600VA, 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA & 12kVA

Apex Plus

  • Apex Plus 600VA 360W – Simulated sine wave o/p Microprocessor-based design
  • Adjustable sensitivity and charging voltage
  • Suitably rated for large battery banks
  • Overload Protection for short circuit & over temperature
  • Generator power compatible
  • Estimated remaining backup time with EBT or LCD indication
  • Includes – Windows, Linux, SCO UNIX and DOS operating system


1,1 KVA to 5 KVA
Pure Sine Wave

VENUS – 1,2 KVA – 6 KVA

Pure Sine wave
Transformer based UPS

A UPS from PowerBackUPS ensures quality products are supplied. 
We are striving to create ideals for work and leisure during power outages.
Power for your Servers, Desktop Computers, Laptops, PABX’s…
and all other power needing sources

Not sure what to decide – Ask our engineers to help you choose?