About KBC Energy

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We are project engineers sourcing out the best quality equipment for there price, from reputable companies in our local field.
All Batteries, UPS, AVR and power supplying equipment plus installations come with one or two-year guarantees.
See our Standard Terms and Conditions.

KBC (KresseyBusinessConsultants) t/a PowerBackUPS since 2005

Power capacity ranging from small 500VA to very large 250KVA.
Equipment supplied, backed and maintained by leading brand name companies. Our goal is to take pride in each installation providing a reliable clean power source ensuring you stay online.

From Powerbackups, we offer customers a total solution without compromise.

All equipment supplied and installations are supervised by qualified personal.

Our engineers have taken the fullest care to ensure the correct power source is offered in accordance with your specs.
However, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine that the goods or services ordered are suitable for the intended purposes.
Note: Guarantees can not be extended on any equipment supplied that are used beyond specifications.
Such as Batteries, UPS’, AVR’ or any other power supplying equipment provided.

We do undertake the removal of old battery toxic materials.


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