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How can a power backup system
assist you?

Research has shown that a battery backup system effectively reduces operating costs!
By minimising unproductive downtime.
This is your source of power when you most need it!
We are striving to create ideals –
for work and leisure during power outages.
  • Our engineers have taken the fullest care to ensure the correct Batteries, Voltage Regulators and Power Supplies are installed to give the best performance.
  • As an expression of quality, we ensure that all goods and services ordered are suitable for the intended purposes to maximise product life span. (T’s & C’s apply)
  • Services offered are on-line purchasing with free delivery within CBD and turnkey installations.
  • Your back-up power for Servos, WiFi, Desktop Computers, Laptops, PABX’s, TV’s, etc… is what you need most when the lights go out.

    For continuous power.


Kressey Business Consultants
t/a Powerbackups Since 2005

Contact details: power-back-ups@outlook.com

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